Home and School Visits
Home and school visits can be conducted at your request. These sessions are from one hour in duration and incur a travel charge which is calculated using the postcode (minimum charge applies).
Home Visits
The Speech Clinic therapists can provide sessions in the home at your request. Home visits can be useful for initial assessment if you feel that engagement would be better at home, or for therapy sessions in order to work within the person’s natural environment. A block of sessions can be delivered at home or a one-off home visit can be used to train family members in communication techniques.
School and Nursery Visits
School visits can be conducted on a one-off basis in order to assess a child’s engagement in the classroom or to train teaching staff in communication techniques. Regular therapy sessions can be delivered in school at parents’ request.

Most schools are keen for additional input and welcome the opportunity to liaise with the therapist on a regular basis. Children with complex communication needs may also benefit from carer or staff training, which can be delivered to home or school groups.