Formal reports are produced on request for children requiring written documents detailing areas of deficit and recommendations for future intervention. Every child's assessment results and therapy plan are discussed with the family in full at no additional charge, so most children do not require a formal report. However, some children are referred to The Speech Clinic for a block of three or four formal assessment sessions in order to produce a required report.
Initial Assessment Report
If required, a child can be formally assessed using standardised assessments which measure the child's speech, language and communication skills against age-matched norms. These assessments produce percentile ranks which score the child against the general population, allowing for the child's ability to be described as delayed or disordered, with associated severity ratings of mild, moderate or severe. Most children require three or four formal assessment sessions in order to complete this process to the standard required for such a report.

As well as describing the child's difficulties, the Initial Assessment Report provides strategies to improve the child's communication and recommendations for future intervention. A Programme of Activities can be provided (at an additional charge) which can be implemented at home and school in order to work upon the areas of deficit and develop generalised skills.
Review Report
A Review Report can be produced to summarise therapy intervention against the set goals. This more brief report summarises progress, sets new goals and provides updated recommendations.
Tribunal Report
A child can be referred to The Speech Clinic for formal assessment and provision of a Tribunal Report in order to challenge level of intervention or educational placement. Such children attend a block of formal assessment sessions as well as an observational school visit. Interviews are carried out with parents and school, as well as discussing the difficulties with the child if appropriate.

Following submission of the evidence, most cases do not proceed to tribunal, but if required, the Speech and Language Therapist can attend the tribunal in order to explain the recommendations and address any questions; attendance is charged in accordance with location and duration.
Medico-Legal Report
A child can be referred to The Speech Clinic for formal medico-legal assessment and report if required. This involves review of the case notes and reports, interviews and assessment with the family and child, as well as observation in school if appropriate. The report details the degree of impairment as well as considering the evidence in terms of likely cause. Recommendations are provided for future intervention and long-term needs.