A Wide Range of Adult Services

At The Speech Clinic, we provide assessment and therapy for adults with a wide range of difficulties, including:

Stroke Rehabilitation
Voice Difficulties
Transgender Voice 
Brain Injury
Difficulty pronouncing certain sounds 
Social Communication Difficulties
Parkinson's Disease

Sessions in clinic, care homes, hospitals and at home

BUPA Registered

Who is Speech and Language Therapy for?

Speech, Language and Communication assessment is appropriate for any adult with a difficulty in this area. Following an assessment session, your Speech and Language Therapist will provide advice regarding the need for further intervention or appropriate onward referral.

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Assessment and Therapy

Adults are formally and informally assessed, using written and pictorial material which targets a range of language structures. Assessment is highly tailored in order to probe areas of concern and enable the provision of appropriate recommendations.

Most people do not require an in-depth, formal assessment, but respond well to diagnostic therapy which allows for the trial of a variety of therapy techniques which the person may respond to. Appropriate treatment goals can then be set and therapy tasks can be planned.

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Professional Liaison

Some of our families also receive NHS Speech and Language Therapy services and use independent services to supplement their existing sessions. This approach works well and we ask for your consent to liaise closely with your NHS Therapist.

We are also keen to work alongside any other involved processionals, such as Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and medical teams. It may be appropriate for our therapist to attend multi-disciplinary planning meetings in order to discuss progress and plan future intervention.

Online Therapy Services

We provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy online.

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Bespoke Therapy Programme