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Clinics in Swansea and Cardiff

The Speech Clinic operates throughout South Wales and South West England.

The Speech Clinic is a member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP).

Open 7 days a week

The Speech Clinic offers weekday appointments throughout the day as well as before and after work/school. We also have weekend clinic sessions.

Online therapy and groups are also running.

Qualified Therapists

The Speech Clinic employs qualified, state-registered Speech and Language Therapists with Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure. Our therapists are members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council. The Speech Clinic’s therapists are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our families.

Free Telephone Consultation

15 minute free telephone consultation with a qualified Speech and Language Therapist.

01792 206 784

What We Offer

At The Speech Clinic, we provide assessment and therapy for children and adults with a wide range of difficulties.


The initial assessment session begins with case history taking, followed by formal and informal assessment of the difficulties.

Formal assessment is tailored to the adult or child's specific needs. Children's assessments use pictures and toys to compare the child's ability with an expected age-related standard. This allows the therapist to explore the extent of the child's difficulties and to plan an appropriate intervention programme.


Analysis of the assessment findings allows the therapist to diagnose speech, language or communication deficits.

The results can be presented as a formal report if required.

Certified Therapists

The Speech Clinic employs qualified, state-registered Speech and Language Therapists with Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosure. Our therapists are members of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council.


There are a variety of treatment options available in order to meet each person's needs. Most adults and children opt for individual therapy sessions in our clinic rooms on a once or twice weekly basis. The therapist sets clear goals for each session, which target the specific areas of deficit identified during assessment. We are keen to provide homework activities at the end of each session.

The Speech Clinic also offers intervention at home, school or nursery. This may be more convenient for families and allows for liaison with children's teachers and classroom support workers. Most schools are keen for additional input and welcome the opportunity to liaise with the therapist on a regular basis.

Reports & Programmes

The assessment results and diagnosis can be presented in a formal report at your request. The Speech Clinic can also provide reports for Annual Review meetings and upon completion of treatment.

Programmes of therapeutic activities can be provided to homes and schools if there is a designated person to work with the individual. These programmes describe the key activities to practice and include the required resources.

School and College Packages

The Speech Clinic is pleased to provide regular therapy services to a number of local schools and colleges. Being based within an establishment for regular days each week allows us to work with a range of students as well as providing staff training.

Our therapists work with individuals and run groups, as well as providing assessment and reports where indicated. This allows educational establishments to access specialist input in a timely and focused manner.

Our Services

Child Services

We offer assessment and therapy for babies, toddlers and school-age children with a wide range of communication difficulties.

Adult Services

We offer both formal language assessment and functional communication intervention for adults with a range of difficulties.

Education Services

We provide weekly sessions within mainstream and special schools and colleges providing therapy and training staff.

Bupa Registered

A Few Words About Us

The Speech Clinic is an independent provider of Speech and Language Therapy services to children and adults. We have clinics in Swansea and Cardiff, and provide home and school visits throughout the area. We work with individual clients and their families, as well as schools, colleges and care homes.

The Speech Clinic provides a range of services, including assessment, diagnosis, therapy and producing written reports/intervention programs. We also provide training for staff and carer groups working with children and adults with communication difficulties.

The clinic employs Speech and Language Therapists from a range of backgrounds with various skills and specialisms, including a fluent Welsh-speaking therapist. We are able to provide assessment and therapy for clients with speech/language delay, learning disability/autism spectrum disorder, acquired/traumatic brain injury, stammer, voice impairment, post-stroke and dementia/Parkinson’s disease.

All new adults and children are assessed and then goals are set which target areas of deficit. Goals are reviewed and updated every seventh session so that progress is continuous and sustainable. Small homework activities are provided after every session so that skills are generalised outside of the clinic environment. Where possible, we liaise closely with our NHS colleagues to provide a seamless transition between NHS and independent services.

At The Speech Clinic, we enjoy working closely with our individual clients and their families, as well as working to provide training to wider groups of carers, including nursery staff, teachers, learning support assistants and care assistants. We provide lecture-based training, as well as coaching sessions in which the therapist works alongside the teacher to apply strategies within real-life scenarios.

Our Speech and Language Therapists have post-graduate training in a variety of techniques, including Intensive Interaction, Signalong/Makaton, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Talking Mats, Symbol UK Down Syndrome therapy techniques, SCERTS, POPAT, Colourful Semantics, Michael Palin Stammering Centre techniques and management of selective mutism.

We are delighted to talk to new families and establishments about the services we may be able to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

Most initial assessments take one or two sessions. By the end of the second session, we aim to start therapy so that we can provide homework tasks after this session. We also set goals at this point which are worked on for the first block of sessions.

Some people attend for formal assessment and provision of a report; this usually requires three or four formal assessment sessions.

Assessment sessions last for one hour and are charged at £60 per session. The assessment results are discussed with you in detail; a report is only provided if required and there is an additional charge for this.

Do you provide home or school visits?

We are able to see you or your child in any location. Home or school visits incur an additional travel charge which is calculated using the postcode. There is a minimum visit charge of £90 per session (one hour).

Do you liaise with NHS Speech and Language Therapists?

Your Speech and Language Therapist will ask for your signed consent to liaise with other involved professionals, including your NHS Therapist. We ask that you continue with your NHS therapy so that you or your child receive maximum intervention. We are pleased to liaise with our NHS colleagues and coordinate goal setting, therapy approaches and intervention plans.

Do fortnightly sessions work?

Most people require weekly therapy sessions in order to make progress. In some cases, such as an adult who masters a therapy technique and then practises it for a fortnight before returning to therapy, less frequent sessions are useful. However, most people and certainly most children make limited progress with fortnightly sessions.

If finances are difficult, we see much more lasting progress from a six-week block of weekly therapy sessions, followed by a six week break to consolidate skills and practise generalisation activities. Following this pattern involves the same financial investment over a one-year period, but much greater improvement and retention of skills than fortnightly sessions.

How do I pay for sessions?

Initial sessions are paid for upon booking using a credit or debit card. Further sessions are paid for by card each week.

Home or school visits can be paid for by card or by bank transfer, using your name or your child’s name as the reference.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit and debit cards for your convenience.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

You are able to self-refer to The Speech Clinic and do not need a GP referral. Please bring any reports from other involved professionals along to your appointment.

Adults with voice problems need to have been seen by the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultant to exclude malignancy prior to their voice therapy sessions.


Clinic Assessment

Formal assessment is tailored to the adult or child's specific needs.
Assessments use words, pictures and toys as appropriate to test a range of skills.

per hour
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Clinic Therapy

Therapy sessions range from forty-five minutes to one hour in duration and are priced accordingly.
Therapy focuses upon activities which improve various aspects of speech, language and communication. 

from £45.00 per session
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School and Home Visits

Assessment and therapy sessions can be conducted in the home or school if preferred.
Visits outside of clinic incur a travel charge which is calculated using the postcode. 

from £90.00
per visit
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